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Late 18thc. early 19thc. Pratt Ware Candlestick of Cybele. Cybele was not only the mother godess of Anatalia primarily a goddess of fertility, but also a protector of her people, symbolised by the mural crown that she is wearing.  She was also the mistress of wild nature, hence the attendant Lion.

Date: circa 1800

Height: 13"

Condition: Base repaired. paw of Lion and tail of Lion, neck of Cybele.

Lit:- Pratt Ware 1780-1840 by John and Griselda Lewis, Page 244

Ref # 4594 - £750

Late 18th/Early 19thc. Pratt Ware Candlestick of Cybele c.1800 Ref # 4594

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