​​​​​​19thc. Staffordshire Circus figure titled DEATH OF THE LION QUEEN  circa 1850. The figure depicts Ellen Bright, the third Lion Queen, niece of George Wombwell, the managerist and daughter of John Bright a bugle player in the band. At 16 shje became the Lion Queen in one of Wombwell's menageries.  Appeared before Queen Victoria at Windsor Castle on January 11th 1850.  She was killed by a male tiger in 1850.  The affair led to the prohibition of such performances by women, but the leading menageries continued to have Lion Kings.

Condition: good restoration to her cape and small piece of firing.

Height 14"

Ref # 4789 - £475

19thc. Staffordshire circus group of 'Death of the Lion Queen' Ref # 4789