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19thc. Porcellanous Staffordshire by John and Rebecca Lloyd Shelton. Modelled as a recumbent Lion with a small lamb to foreground, the base decorated with gilt lines of styalized acanthus leaves.  Inspired by Van Ambrugh circus at Drury Lane depicting the biblical legend of The Lion laid with a lamb. "The Young Lion will lie down with the lamb - Isaiah XI 6. "

A pair of these Lions sold at Christies 2 years ago for £2400.

Height 4 1/8" 10.5 cms

Width: 12.7 cms - 5"

Depth : 7.2 cms - 2 7/8"

Condition: No damage

Circa 1840

Ref # 4813 - £525

19thc. Porcellanous Staffordshire Lion and Lamb group - Ref # 4813

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