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Rare 19thc. Staffordshire Portrait figure titled VOLUNTEER RIFLES (V.RIFLES).

In 1859 Austria demanded the disarmanent of Sardinia.  This was refused and a French Army advanced to aid the Sardinians.  The Austrians were defeated and in 1860 Savoy and Nice were ceded to France.  The annexation of the territories by Napoleon III aroused a grave suspician of his intentions and caused a revival of the Volunteers, by Summer of 1860 130,000 had been enrolled, 21,000 of whom were reviewed by Queen Victoria in Hyde Park. 

12" high.

Condition: neck on right hand soldier repaired and chip on base repaired.

Ref # 4778 - £345

Rare 19thc. Staffordshire titled VOLUNTEER RIFLES Ref # 4778

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