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Staffordshire Dogs
Children Dogs

19th century Staffordshire titled DOG TRAY, 10" high. Base 6.25" x 2.5". small repair to one piece of sieved clay as per photograph. circa 1850. Ref. 3238 - £175
Large 19th century Staffordshire of Huntsman on Horse with foxhounds chasing a fox. good colours. 9.5" high. Base 8" x 3.5". small repair to piece of sieved clay as per photograph. Ref. 3237 - £175
2 off 19th century Staffordshire Quill holders of Spaniel and puppies. 6" high. Base 7" x 2". No damage. Ref. 3234 - £195 each

Group of 3 19th century Miniature animals.

Greyhound 3.75" Perfect - £65

Zebra 3.75" Perfect - £110

Lion 3.5" firing fault on reverse SOLD

Ref. 3233

Superb 19th century Porcellanous Staffordshire Hound seated on a raised green base. no damage. circa 1845. 4.5" high. Ref. 3215 -SOLD
Pair 19th century Staffordshire Greyhound quill holders of seated greyhounds seated on a raised underglaze blue base. 5.5" high. Left hand greyhound slight nibble to end of nose repaired. Ref. 3217 - £135 pair
Pair 19th century underglazed black Staffordshire disraeli dogs. with separate legs. circa 1860. 9.5" high. no damage or restoration. Ref. 2958 - £275 pair
Large Chunky 19th centuryt Staffordshire Spaniel. circa 1850. no damage. 10.5" high. Base 7" x 5.5". Ref. 3043 - £175
Single small 19th century Staffordshire red and white Spaniel. 5.25" high.rubbing to glaze. circa 1850. Size 6. Ref. 3044 - £45
Rare pair 19th century Staffordshire Quill holders of Poodles and Cat group. Neck of poodle repaired and also base of other poodle group repaired. 3.5" high. circa 1845-50. Ref. 3198 - £695 pair
19th century Staffordshire figure of a Huntsman and Bird with a red and white dog at his side, gun in his left hand, good colour, neck of bird repaired. circa 1855-60. 13.5" high. Base 4.5" x 3.5". Ref. 3178 - £195
Pair of 19th century Staffordshire dogs, very good moulding and colour. circa 1850. The right hand dog slighly bigger that the left hand dog. 10" and 9.5". no damage. Ref 3206 - £295 pair
Pair 19th century Staffordshire groups of the Prince and Princess astride oversized red and white spaniels.  Good moulding. circa 1850. glazing hairlines on both bases (see photo). 6" high. Base 6.5" x 3.5". Ref. 3161 - £550 pair
19th century Staffordshire Flower Basket dog. circa 1850. Perfect condition. 8" high. Ref. 3160 - £175
Pair 19th century Staffordshire Red/White dogs, size 3. 8.5" high, good moulding. repair to front paw of left hand dog. Ref. 3158 - £195 pair
19th century Staffordshire group of 2 spaniels seated on a barrell. circa 1860. 8.5" high. no damage. Ref. 3164 - £95
A single 19thc. Staffordshire group of poodles by fences, on gilt lined cobalt blue bases. One poodle recumbent and the other seated looking upwards to a tree, where a cat is seated with a dead bird. Touch up to orange paint on spill and leg of seated poodle restored. 8" high. circa 1850. Ref. 3027 - £390
19th century Staffordshire figure by Samuel Alcock of a black and white spaniel seated on a yellow scrolled raised base. marked 18 on the underside. circa 1840. no damage. Ref. 3134 - £220
19thc. Staffordshire group of Princess seated on back of oversized black and white spaniel, she holds a flag in her right hand with a bird on her shoulder. circa 1855. 12" high. repairs to top of flag and also bird. Ref. 3112 - £275
Good pair 19th century Staffordshire basket dogs, small size, no damage. 6" high. circa 1850. Ref. 3102 - £395 pair
Pair 19th century Staffordshire dogs, size No. 3. 9" high. excellent moulding. circa 1850. small chip on foot repaired (see photograph) Ref. 3114 - £275 pair
Superb pair 19th c. Staffordshire extra large dogs in very good condition. 14" high. no damage. circa 1860. Ref. 3101 - £395
19THc. Porcellanous Pug Dog seated on a raised green base, small chip repaired and repair end of tail. circa 1840. 2.75" high. old label to underside of base. Ref. 3075 - £275
Pair 19thc.Porcellanous Staffordshire Poodles on raised bases. 2.25" high. Base 2" x 1". no damage. Ref. 3092 - £250 pair
2 Single 19thc. Staffordshire porcellanous poodles. circa 1840. both 2" high. seated on raised gilt lined bases. Left hand poodle, repair to tail. right hand poodle small chip to base repaired. Ref. 3111 -£95 each
Single 19th c. porcellanous Poodle standing on raised gilt lined base. circa 1840. 2.5" high. 1.75" x 1.25" base. no damage. Ref. 3093 - £95
3 off 19thc. miniature Staffordshire poodles. circa 1840. 2 no damage - £55 each, 1 with hairline to base - £25. Ref. 3094
19th century Pearlware figure of a Man with a dog to his side. circa 1820-30. 6" high. chips on bocage repaired, his hand restored. Ref. 3123 - £175
Superb very large 19th century Staffordshire figure of a greyhound and Hare seated on a scrolled base. circa 1850-60. 6.5" high. Base 10.75" x 6". restoration to both ears otherwise good condition. Ref. 3053 - £695
19th century Staffordshire porcellanous figure of a girl seated above an oversized dog.  She holds a bird in her arms. circa 1845. some repairs. 5" high. Ref. 3052 - £125
Pair 19th century Staffordshire red and white spaniels seated on raised oval base, with gilt line to front of dogs, touch up to paintwork. 4.5" high. Base 3" x 2.5". circa 1845-50. Ref. 3048 - £195 pair
Pair 19th century Staffordshire Spanbiel and Pug groups, large dogs have blue eyes, seated on raised cobalt blue bases, gilt line to front, no damage apart from firing fault to glaze (see photo). 6.25" high. Base 5" x 2.5".circa 1850. Ref. 3049 - £250 pair
Pair 19th century Staffordshire Greyhounds with underglazed black spotting, seated on oval raised bases. Sieved clay applied to bases. Repair to mouth of left hand greyhound (see photo). 5" high. 3.25" x 2" base. circa 1845. Ref. 3031 - £175 pair
Unusual pair 19th century porcellanous quill holders of Girl with Sheep and Boy with Poodle, circa 1845. Condition. Neck of boy repaired, touch up to coat, head of snake restored, basket repaired, tip of foot of dog repaired chip on his hat repaired. Girl: bonnet chip repaired. Height 3". Base .25" x 2.25". Ref. 3027 - £265 pair
Good matched pair of 19th century Staffordshire Judge's wig poodles seated on 2 separated frpont legs, circa 1850. 5.5" high. Ref. 3040 - £425
19th century porcellanous Poodle standing on cobalt blue raised base. Samuel Alock pottery. impressed on base 95. See similar dog Page 52, colour plate 64. D.G.Rice, Dogs in English Porcelain. Condition: tail restored, lump of meat in mouth restored. 3" high. Base 4.25" x 2". Ref. 3026 - £195
Single small 19thc. Staffordshire spaniel. 5" high. no damage. c.1850. Ref. 3045 - £25
19th c. Porcellanous Staffordshire hound on raised oval base, imperfection to firing of glaze on body. 3.25" high. Base 2.5" x 1.5". repair to top of back leg. c.1840 Ref. 3001 - £95
Pair 19th century Staffordshire Miniature red and white dogs, 5" high. c.1860. firing faults. Ref. 3022 - £75 pair
19th century Staffordshire spill vase group of a dog chasing a fox. 12" high. Base 7" x 2.5". no damage but some touch up to paint. c.1860. Ref. 3024 - £250
19th century Procellanous model of a seated hound on a raised blue base. 4.5" high. circa 1845. chip repaired on ear, firing on leg. Ref. 2940 - £245
Pair mid 19th century Staffordshire black spotted disraeli greyhounds each with a hare on shaped base. circa 1860. 11" high, no restoration, stress hairline to one leg as per photograph, small repair to leg.Ref. 2934 - £750 pair.
Pair 19th century Large Chunky Staffordshire King Charles Spaniels in red and white. no damage. circa 1860. 10.5" high. Base 7.5" x 5". Ref. 2954 - £475 pair.
Pair 19th century underglazed black Staffordshire disraeli dogs. 10" high. circa 1860. no damage. Ref. 2956 - £375 pair.
Pair of Miniature 19th century Black spotted Whippets. circa 1845. 5.25" high. Base 3" x 2". no damage or restoration. Ref. 2952 - £210 Pair
Very Large 19th century Continental Pug Dog, with traditional collar of bells and bow. no damage. 8.5" high. circa 1860-70. Ref. 2959 - £275
19th century Staffordshire Bonbonierre of a pugs head. circa 1830. some firing imperfections to glaze. 1.75". Base 1.5" x 1.5". Ref. 2943 - £220
Unusual 19th century Staffordshire Dog and Puppy group seated on Orange and Green cushion base. circa 1850. repair to rim of base on reverse as per photograph. 6.25". Ref. 2906 - £165
Superb pair of 19th century Staffordshire spill vase dogs. no damage or restoration. 13" high. circa 1860. Ref. 2903 - £275 pair
Pair 19th century No. 6 Staffordshire Red and White Dogs (smallest size in graduated set of mantle dogs) 5.25" high. right hand dog with firing and small glazing hairline. Ref.2916 - £195 pair
Pair 19th century Staffordshire seated greyhounds on underglazed cobalt blue bases. crackling to glaze on joints, see attached photograph. 8" high circa 1860. Ref. 2905 - £195 pair
Nice looking Pair of 19th century Staffordshire mantle dogs. no damage or restoration. circa 1870. 10.5" high. Ref. 2910 - £130
Very colourful 19th century Staffordshire of a girl seated on a barrel with a red and white dog to her side.Dudson Pottery. circa 1850, neck repaired. Height 9". Ref. 2897 - £125
19th century Staffordshire porcelain dog on pink base, 3" high. Base 5" x 2.5". circa 1830-40. No damage. Ref. 2877 - £275
19th century Staffordshire 3 dog clock group consisting of 2 King Chjarles Spaniels and a Poodle. circa 1850. repair to poodles tail. 9" high. Ref. 2864 - £345
Unusual 19th century Staffordshire spill vase of 2 hounds chasing a rabbit down a hole. 8" high. Repair to left hand dog's tail. circa 1880. William Kent Pottery. Ref. 2865 - £195
Pair 19th century Staffordshire dogs with separate legs. 6" high. circa 1850. No damage. Ref. 2862 - £250 pair
Pair 19th century well moulded Red and White Staffordshire dogs both with separate legs. 9" high. firing crack repaired on leg of right hand dog. glazing hairline on reverse of right hand dog. c.1860. Ref. 2860 - £195 pair
19th century Staffordshire spill vase group of a boy stroking a dog. circa 1850. 4.5" high. chip on back of spill base repaired. Ref. 2873 - £75
Pair 19th century Staffordshire oversized Afkan Hounds with royal children standing beside them. circa 1850. 12" high. Right hand dog has crazing hairline on reverse (see photographs) Left Hand dog no damage. Ref. 2842 - £375 pair
Early 19th century Staffordshire spill vase group of a dog chasing a rabbit.  Originally there would have been a huntsman with a gun but looking closely at the figure the space where the huntsman would have been has been fired over so perhaps it never had a huntsman.  Please look at photographs. Repair to dog's tail and tail of rabbit plus the flowers. 7.5" high. Base 7.5" x 4.5" . Ref. 2880 - £325
Superb well moulded 19th century Staffordshire of Girl with an oversized black and white Setter with a sheep below her feet, in the centre is a styalized spill vase. 12" high. circa 1855 .Ref. 2830 - £265
Superb pair of 19th century Staffordshire figures of the royal children seated above oversized red setter dogs, each child holds a black and white King Charles spaniel they are seated on a rococco based underglazed blue base. 6" high. Base 6.5" x 3". circa 1850. ( girls neck repaired) Ref. 2824 - £950 pair
Unusual 19th century Staffordshire disraeli greyhound on turquoise base. 5" high. circa 1850 . no damage. Ref. 2805 - £175
19th century Staffordshire of a boy in kilt standing beside a kennel holding 2 black and white King Charles Spaniels. 8.5" high. neck of boy repaired. Ref. 2780 - £150

Very large 19th centuryt Staffordshire spill vase titled DOG TRAY, good colour and moulding, couple of nibbles to base.  See fig. 1122 Page 306 Hardings 13" high. .  Ref. 2782 - £195

a Poem published in 1836 by Thomas Campbell entitled The Harper also a song written and composed by the American Stephen Foster

(Old Dog's Tray ever faithfull

Grief cannot drive him away,

He's gentle, he is kind

I'll never find

A better friend than Old Dog Tray

19th century Staffordshire of Girl and Boy, she sits on an oversized Red and White Dog, circa 1850. 7" high neck of boy repaired. circa 1850. Ref. 2777 - £165
Pair 19th century Staffordshire miniature groups of spotted greyhounds with rabbitsd hanging. circa 1850. 4" high. No damage. Ref. 2779 - £195 pair
19th century Staffordshire Porcellanous figure of a Boy with Poodle. repair to his arm. circa 1835-40. 3.5" high. Ref 2772 - £175
19th century Staffordshire porcellanous group of Newfounderland being ridden by a small boy with striped trousers and green jacket, standing on a white and gilt rectangular mounded base with rounded corners. 4" long 3" high.  See Page 92. Colour Plate D.Rice book, Dog's in English Porcelain. (very small repair to dogs tail). circa 1835 Ref. 2746 - £245
Good quality pair of 19th century Staffordshire Poodle and puppy groups, no damage, circa 1845-50. Ref. 2729 - £425 pair
Pair 19th century porcellanous poodles holding baskets of flowers. circa 1845. no damage, slight staining on reverse as per photograph. 3.25", base 2.5" x 1.75". Ref. 2715 - £245 pair
19th century Staffordshire Poodle holding basket of flowers. tail restored. 4.5" high some firing to base. Base 4.25 x 2.5". Ref. 2699 - £95
Pair 19th century Staffordshire poodles with separate legs. circa 1860-70. No damage. 5.5" high. Ref. 2675 - £195 Pair
Good Matched pair 19th century Staffordshire Judge's Wig Poodles. 5.5" high. circa 1845. No damage or restoration. Ref. 2684 - £365 Pair
Large single 19th century Staffordshire standing greyhound. perfect condition. 11" high. c.1850. Ref. 2579 - £110
Pair 19th century Staffordshire red and white dogs with baskets of flowers. 8.5" high. repair to reverse base as per photograph. circa 1850. Ref. 2636 -£375 pair
19th century Staffordshire of Red and White dog on base made as a quill holder. circa 1845. 4.75" high. Base 3.5" x 2.75". repair to one corner as per photograph. Ref. 2631 - £145
19th century Staffordshire miniature figure of red and white dog on base. circa 1845. no damage. 3.25" high. Base 2" x 1.5". Ref. 2632 - £165
19th century Staffordshire figure of a Dog protecting a girl from an Eagle. repair to one of eagles wings and foot of dog repaired. 8" high. circa 1855(further photographs in animals gallery). Ref. 2559 - £145
19th century Staffordshire Tulip Spill Vase of a Boy with dog seated beside a Beehive. c.1850-60. 8" high. Repair to top of spill. Ref. 2597 - £75
19th century Staffordshire poodle. 2.75" high. c.1845. small firing on base (see photograph). Ref. 2621 - £55
19th century Staffordshire quill holdedr on underglazed cobalt blue base, Swan in his mouth. 6" high. no damage. Ref. 2544 - £160
Unusual 19th century Staffordshire White Glazed Miniature porcelain dog. c.1830. 1.75" high. repair to bow. Ref. 2528 - £120
19th century Staffordshire quill holder of a larger poodle with his legs over barrel with a smaller poodle peeping out of barrel. circa 1850. cobalt blue base. 5.25" high. (small chip and chaffing on base). Ref. 2498 - £175
Matched Pair of unusual 19th century Spaniels seated on orange and green tassled cushion bases. L/H dog 4.75" high R/H dog 4.5" high. nibbles on bases on both dogs, touch up to flaking, some crackling to glaze on L/H dog. circa 1850. - ref. 2493 - £450 Pair
19th century Staffordshire spill vase of a girl with an oversized spaniel and puppy. Chip repaired on spill. 8.5" high. Green Factory. circa 1860. Ref. 2457 - £135
Pair 19th century Staffordshire Poodles with separate legs. circa 1860. 5.5" high. no damage but slight rubbing to noses, tiny bit of sieved clay missing on tail done at time of manufacture. Ref. 2426 - £225 pair
19th century Staffordshire of a little girl standing beside an oversized dog. circa 1850. 7.25" high. Ref. 2381 - £145
Large very colourful 19th century Staffordshire spill vase of children with a black and white dog above 2 Lambs. circa 1850-60. No damage. 14" high. Ref. 2410 - £195
19th century Miniature Staffordshire of a King Charles Spaniel seated on cushion base with styalized spills circa 1860. Perfect. 2.75" high. Ref. 2386 - £125
19th century Staffordshire dog with basket of flowers. circa 1850. 7.5" high. No damage. Ref. 2360 - £165
Pair of 19th century Staffordshire Black and White Dogs. Size 4, with raised letter four to both dogs on base. circa 1850. couple of chips on both dogs professionally repaired. 7.5" high. Ref. 2345 - £225
Late 19th century Staffordshire Stirrup Cup. circa 1900's. 5" long. 2.5" opening. Ref. 2285 - £120
Early 19th century Porcellanous staffordshire Pug in black and white. circa 1820. 3" high. repair to hairline and chip. -Ref. 2080 - £145
Pair 19th century Staffordshire Spaniels with separate legs. small chip on foot repaired. circa 1850. 5" high. Ref. 2110 - £150 pair
19th century Porcellanous Staffordshire of an oversized dog with Boy riding on back. circa 1840. 2.75" high. repair to dog's tail.firing on leg of dog. gilt base. Base 4" x 2" - Ref. 2087 - £245
19th century Porcellanous Staffordshire Quill Holder of a Red and White Spaniel with puppies. circa 1840.  base repaired on reverse and right hand side. Height 3.25" Base 4.5" x 3". Ref. 2071 - £225
19th century Porcellanous Staffordshire of Poodle with bird in mouth. Pink tassled base. circa 1840. 2.75" high. Base 3.75" x 1.75". repaired. Ref. 2068 - £125
2 off Very unusual 19th century Staffordshire dogs with pups. 5.5" high. Perfect condition. circa 1850. See Hardings Book 3, page 251 Fig. 2724A. Ref. 2028 - £225 each
Unusual 19th century Staffordshire of a Dog and Puppy and Kennel group. circa 1860. 6" high. No damage. Ref. 49 - £175
19th century Staffordshire Pastoral group of boy and girl with black and white dog, the boy seated above a gate. circa 1850. coloured all over. repair to the girl's waist. 6.5" high Ref. 21. £65
19th century porcellanous staffordshire fo a poodle with bird in his mouth standing on a pink cushion base. circa 1840. nose has been repaired. 4" high. base 2.5" x 1.5". Ref. 142 - £85
19th century Staffordshire Quill Holder of a red and white spaniel on a underglazed cobalt blue base with hole for quill. circa 1850. 4" high. slight flaking to red paint and his nose. Base 3" x 2.5". Ref. 101 - £120
19th century Staffordshire, red and white porcellanous spaniel on base. circa 1845. 5" high. Perfect. Base 4.25" x 2.25". Ref. 131 - £110
Pair of 19th century Staffordshire Dogs, No. 2 in underglazed black. 10" high. 1" glazing hairline on base of right hand dog. firing on rim of base. circa 1850. Ref.199 - £220 Pair
Pair of 19th century Staffordshire dogs, the main dogs red and white and puppies black and white. Fading to the black and white puppies.  The large dogs have blue eyes. 6" high. no damage but firing fault in the glazing on the reverse. circa 1850-60. Ref. 292 - £240 Pair
2 off 19th century Staffordshire Miniature Poodles. L/H poodle holding a top hat in mouth, pitting to glaze, but otherwise no damage. 3" high. base 2.5" x 1.5".SOLD R./H dog, some repairs. 3.75" high. Base. 2.5" x 1.5". £35
Miniature group of 2 red and white dogs in front of kennel, circa 1840. 1.5" high, base 2" x 1.25". Perfect. Ref. 273 - £95
Miniature 19th c. Staffordshire Porcellanous red and white spotted dog, slight bit of flaking, otherwise no damage. circa 1840. 2.25" high. Base 1.5" x 1". Ref. 274 - £135
Miniature 19th century Staffordshire figure of girl standing beside kennel with a red and white dog. circa 1850. very small chip on reverse of her bonnet. 4.25" high. Ref. 314 - £55
19th century Thomas Parr group of Boy with black and White Dog. circa 1850, tip of foot repaired and boys hand restored. Ref. 298 - £145
Pair Poodle and Puppy groups on underglazed cobalt blue bases. 2.5" high. One dog repaired through middle. Base 3" x 2". circa 1850. Ref. 363 - £180 Pair
Pair of 19th century Staffordshire Bearded Collie Dogs standing in front of a fence. No. Damage. 7" high. Base 5" x 3". Ref. 372 -SOLD
Pair of 19th century Staffordshire Red and White spaniels with separate legs sitting on their haunches on a white plinth base. circa 1845. Base 6.25" x 4". Height 6". some firing but otherwise no damage. Ref. 373 - £395 Pair
19th century Porcellanous Staffordshire figure of sleeping box with dog at his feet. circa 1840. small repair to boy's hat. Ref. 406 - £195
Matched Pair of No. 1 19th century Staffordshire Mantle Dogs in underglazed black and white clover leaf pattern. Both dogs are perfect but the right hand dog is not as white as the left hand dog. 12" high. Ref. 419 - £225 Pair
19th century Staffordshire Dog and Puppy Kennel Group. 4" high. Base 4.25" x 3". some firing. Ref. 452 - £185
19th century Staffordshire Princess with oversized dog. circa 1850. repair to snout of dog. 8" high. Ref. 554 - £250
19th century Staffordshire Spill Vase of Greyhound chasing a hare. 12" high. crackling to glaze on reverse. firing, some repairs. circa 1860. Ref. 568 - £245
19TH century Porcellanous Huntsman figure, he holds a rifle in his left hand and a powder flask in his right hand. On his right is a black and white dog sitting on his haunches. 7" high. ref. 3660 - £135
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2 Individual Dogs. c.1850. Left Hand Harrier Hare Hound as quill holder. front paw repaired.4.5" base x 3" high. Right Hand Dog. Spaniel and Pup Group. 5.5" high.c.1860.
Ref. 1407 - £140 each
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Pair Red & White Porcellanous dogs with separate legs. 5.5" high. c.1840. One leg repaired.
Ref. 2103- £275 Pair
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Pair of Harrier Hare Hound Quill Holders. C.1850. Tail to R/H Dog repaired, plus touch up to black paint.
Ref. 1575 - £295 Pair
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Single Porcellanous Poodle.
4" High. Small repair to tail, firing on foot. c.1840.
Ref. 2809 - £95
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Red/White Porcellanous Dog.
5" high. c.1840. Perfect.
Ref. 1059 - £95
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Pair White Spaniels & Pup Groups on Blue Bases. c.1850. Wear on Glaze and imperfection to blue glaze on R/H Dog. 8" high. 
Ref. 2425 - £225 Pair
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Pair Small Red/White Spaniels.
5.25" high. firing on L/H leg of one dog otherwise Perfect. c.1850.
Ref. 1978 -

£90 Pair

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Porcellanous Dog and Kennel Group.
Chip to spill repaired. c.1830-40
Ref. 1630 -




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